Our Mission

At Americ Transit Services, we aim to provide both safe and reliable non-emergency transportation to those in society who most need it. Our ultimate goal is to help the most vulnerable people in our communities regain their independence, so that they can live their lives free from undue stress and anxiety.

Above all, we are dedicated to seeing our passengers reach their destination as safely and quickly as possible, all with a warm and friendly attitude. Nobody should miss out on a medical appointment due to lack of transportation; with Americ Transit Services, they will not have to.

Americ Transit Services is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) in the state of Georgia.

We are interested in developing business relationships with companies seeking government contracts that require participation with a certified MBE/DBE. Generally, government contracts require a 10% or more MBE/DBE subcontractor participation, and we would be the perfect partner for you to consider.

What are the benefits of partnering with Americ, a certified MBE/DBE?

Partnering with a Certified-MBE/DBE creates numbers of benefits as well as opportunities for your business. It allows you to increase the ability to be awarded government contacts. Not only does it help with your business growth, but it also creates incredible value for your company culture and helps foster and show your commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Contact our owner and CEO, Enrique Limontas, at (770) 744-1959 or info@atsnemt.com to discuss any current and future opportunities.

  • NAICS: 485991 – Special Needs Transportation

  • NPI: 1396415428

Minority Business Enterprise
Disadvantage Business Enterprise

Core Values

Our staff and drivers alike work incredibly hard every day to deliver an exceptional level of service. Helping them along the way are three core values which encapsulate our unrivalled attitude as a company.

Nothing is more important than our clients’ safety; it’s our number one priority. Our drivers are trained to ensure that every single passenger is transported in the safest manner possible. Plus, our vans come fully-equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment, sure to ease even the most cautious customer’s anxiety. From rear-mounted chair lifts (complete with security straps), to easy-grip handrails and an easy-boarding platform, everything is designed with safety as a focus.


We respect our clients’ time. That is why our drivers will ensure that you arrive at your appointments on time and are promptly picked up without any unnecessary waiting.


Manners cost nothing, but it’s surprisingly hard to find a transport service which remembers that. At Americ Transit Services, our drivers are well-mannered professionals who take pleasure in greeting passengers kindly and with the utmost respect. They will be happy to attend to your every need until you reach your destination.

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