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Americ Transit Services, LLC is a prominent Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company based in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. We specialize in providing safe and reliable transportation services for individuals who require non-emergency medical transportation to various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and doctor's appointments.
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Our staff is available to take your trip request from the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For your convenience, complete the Request A Quote form. Enter all requested information and you will receive a response back within 24 hours.

Americ Transit Services Non Emergency Medical Transport is now proud to serve the Cobb County; Marietta; Smyrna; Kennesaw; Acworth; DeKalb County; Chamblee; Clarkston; Doraville; Dunwoody; Tucker; Douglas County; Fayette County; Fulton County; Alpharetta; Johns Creek; Roswell; Sandy Springs; Gwinnett County; Duluth; Suwanee; Buford; Snellville; Sugar Hill; Peachtree Corners; Berkeley Lake; Dacula; Grayson; Loganville; Henry County and all areas in between!



Americ Transit Services offers a comprehensive range of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services in Metropolitan Atlanta. Our goal is to ensure safe and comfortable transportation for individuals with various needs. We provide the following types of Transportation:


We specialize in transporting senior citizens, ensuring they reach their destinations promptly and securely.


Our vehicles are equipped to accommodate individuals with disabilities, providing them with the necessary support and accessibility.


We offer transportation services tailored to the needs of disabled individuals, ensuring a comfortable and reliable journey.


We assist with regular appointments such as dialysis, physical therapy, rehabilitation, pulmonary care, and cardiac appointments, ensuring timely transportation to these vital sessions.


We provide transportation to medical and dental appointments, ensuring patients arrive on time and receive the care they need.


Our services include transportation for individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers, or are ambulatory, ensuring their mobility needs are met.


We offer stretcher transportation for individuals who require lying-down positions during their journey, ensuring their comfort and safety.


We provide transportation services for family events, ensuring everyone can attend and enjoy the occasion.


We offer transportation to church services and social functions, ensuring individuals can participate in these important community events.


We provide transportation to and from airports, train stations, and bus stations, ensuring timely arrivals and departures.


We assist with transportation to hotels, ensuring a seamless transition for travelers and guests.


We offer transportation services for long distances and one-way trips, accommodating various travel needs.


At Americ Transit Services, we understand the importance of reliable transportation for those who may have mobility limitations or medical conditions that prevent them from using conventional means of transportation. Our team of trained and compassionate drivers ensures that our clients receive the highest level of care and assistance during their journeys.

We offer a wide range of transportation options to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. Our fleet consists of well-maintained vehicles equipped with the necessary features to ensure passenger comfort and safety. We prioritize punctuality and efficiency, striving to provide on-time pickups and drop-offs for every appointment.

Our dedicated staff works closely with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and individual clients to streamline the transportation process. We handle all scheduling and logistical arrangements, taking the stress out of coordinating transportation for medical appointments. Our goal is to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients, allowing them to focus on their health and well-being.

At Americ Transit Services, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our passengers. Our drivers undergo comprehensive background checks and receive specialized training in handling medical transportation. We adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our services meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Whether you require transportation for routine check-ups, medical procedures, or specialized treatments, Americ Transit Services is committed to providing dependable and compassionate non-emergency medical transportation services in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our mission is to help individuals access the healthcare they need while ensuring a comfortable and stress-free transportation experience.

Some names that people ask for when requesting our services:

  •  disabled transport
  • medical transportation service
  • wheelchair transport
  • wheelchair transport
  • non-emergency medical transportation
  • non emergency medical transportation
  • non emergency transportation
  • senior transport

Regardless of what you call it, it will be the Medical Transportation Services you expect!

Special Needs Transportation Services Kennesaw GA

Our services cover a wide range of medical, non medical, non emergency, personal and group activities, BOOK NOW and get your free quote. Our team will make sure you get the most fitting transport vehicle and professional assistance on a case by case basis.



Americ Transit Services is your go-to transportation provider, offering a range of services tailored to meet the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. We take pride in providing safe, reliable, and compassionate transportation solutions to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience for all our passengers.

Our fleet includes wheelchair-accessible vehicles with custom-designed ramps, making boarding easy and hassle-free for passengers using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. Our drivers and attendants are trained professionals dedicated to your well-being, providing friendly assistance and ensuring you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

At American Transit Services, we understand the unique needs of our elderly passengers and take special care to make their travel pleasant. With personalized attention and respect, we aim to deliver the best care possible during their golden years.

We specialize in non-emergency medical transportation, offering convenient and efficient service to medical appointments, treatment centers, clinics, and more. Never miss a crucial healthcare visit again, as our reliable team is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, to cater to your transportation needs.

Our services cover a wide range of destinations, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, shopping centers, airports, and various other locations. Wherever you need to go, we’ve got you covered with our extensive coverage and flexible availability.

At American Transit Services, we are committed to providing a stress-free travel experience. From start to finish, our team ensures your safety and comfort, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Rest assured that you are in capable hands, and we are here to make your travel experience easy and worry-free.

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Medical Transportation Services KENNESAW GA

When it comes to your specific requirements, you may be confident that you are in capable hands. There will be no long waits, no uncertainty, and we will arrive when we say we will. We will never, ever breach our promises or let you down!

Are you going to the doctor, an outpatient clinic, a rehabilitation center, a nursing home, a VA hospital, a dentist, or any other appointment? A professional driver will greet you and ensure that you arrive securely and comfortably, after which he or she will wait for you or return to pick you up at your convenience. We want you to feel as if you have your own car and chauffeur so you can get your errands done as fast as possible

Our Medical Transportation Services cover the entire area and include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Adult Day Care Facilities
  • Dialysis Appointments
  • Radiation Appointments
  • Assisted Living – Nursing Homes
  • Dentist Appointments (regular appointments and/or conscious sedation appointments)
  • Pharmacy Trips
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Non-Emergency Hospitals Visits
  • Nursing Care Facilities
  • Insurance Companies

Non Emergency Transportation Services KENNESAW GA

We have an advantage in this industry because of our years of expertise working with the elderly and assisted living facilities. We’ve seen it all and worked with rehab centers in Atlanta and the surrounding area to organize group recreational activities and provide all of the manpower, know-how, and equipment required to provide medical transportation services for various sized groups of people with varying needs and successfully accommodate each and every one of their individual needs. We recognize how much effort goes into organizing group outings, so we’ve made it a priority over the years to grow our fleet and train our personnel to handle large crowds.

Our Group Services for non emergency transportation cover the entire area and include:

  • Restaurants
  • Malls and Shopping
  • Airports
  • Haircuts
  • Festivals
  • Movie Theaters
  • Group Yoga
  • Water Aerobics
  • Festivals
  • Haircuts
  • Beach
  • Parties and social gatherings
  • Bingo and Leisure activities
  • Parks and recreation
  • Visit friends and family
  • Religious services

Non Medical Transportation KENNESAW GA

Our non-emergency medical transportation services help you to complete previously impossible tasks. We return you to your long-desired independence.

Never miss a friend’s birthday party, a family reunion, a grandchild’s birthday party, or a supper with family and friends. When you contact one of our wheelchair-accessible vans, going grocery shopping or getting your hair done becomes easier than before. We also provide airport shuttle service to and from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport (ATL).

  • Non-Medical Appointments
  • Train / Bus stations
  • Special Engagements
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
  • Children / Grandchildren’s Birthday
  • Day treatment programs
  • Hair Salon Appointments
  • Shopping Center Trips
  • Prescription pick-ups
  • Airport Shuttle and Transportation
  • Legal Appointments & Law Offices
  • Movie night out
  • Family Events
  • Concerts and Special Events
  • Tourism & Group Events